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How to choose led desk lamp for your children?

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Now many parents pay more and more attention to their children's reading and writing desk lamps. When buying desk lamps, you can refer to the following standards:
Color temperature, color rendering index, light intensity, no flicker and no radiation, and blue light.

1) Color temperature: Read a color temperature suitable for around 4000K.
Studies have found that cold white light is more irritating to the human eye, but it makes people more focused and engaged.
Warm white light is less irritating to the human eye and is very helpful for children's artistic creation and feeling.
Comprehensive research, children's reading lights, it is recommended to choose warm white light around 4000K.

2) Color rendering index: better than 90ra
The color rendering index refers to the degree of reduction of the true color of an object under light. The closer the value is to 100. The state's color rendering requirements for school classrooms are above 80ra. If the children are in a low-quality desk lighting environment with a color rendering index of less than 80 for a long time, it is easy to cause the child to have weak colors.

3) Illumination: above 500lux
The country's light requirements for classrooms are 300 lux for ordinary classrooms and 500 lux for art classrooms.

4) No strobe and no radiation, and can effectively reduce blue light
Blue light is high-energy short-wave light, because the child's eye lens is very clear and more susceptible to blue light, causing retinopathy!

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